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Address + Hours

Find us in the heart of

downtown Sayulita at

calle José Mariscal 33​ 

Join us for dinner and drinks from

Wednesday to Sunday

5:30 to 10:00pm


About Achara

Growing up in New York City, Sam developed a passion for food at a young age. After working in the Manhattan and Brooklyn restaurant scenes for 10 years he left the city behind to pursue his dream of owning his own restaurant and living on the beach. The first step was making the move to Sayulita in the winter of 2017. After enjoying a couple months in the sun it became clear to him what was missing from Sayulita - an authentic Thai restaurant. With this revelation, the seedling for Achara was planted. He promptly traveled to Thailand to study different styles of Thai cooking and the history of Thai food. With this new knowledge he returned to Sayulita and enlisted the help of friends and partners to help bring Achara to life. A year quickly flew by and Achara opened its doors in the winter of 2018. 

Since then the goal for Achara has been to provide Sayulita with authentic Thai food that never takes any short cuts. All of our curry pastes and sauces are made in house following traditional recipes and using only the freshest ingredients. The same care is shown behind the bar; all Achara cocktails are made with fresh squeezed juice, garden fresh herbs, and handcrafted syrups. 



At Achara are committed to shrinking our carbon footprint. We are always looking for new ways to be more green, and since opening we have taken the following steps to pursue this goal:

  • Providing UV filtered water to all of our guests free of charge ​

  • Using re usable straws, cutlery, and chopsticks for dine in service ​

  • Using biodegradable boxes and utensils for orders to go​

  • Using glass jars for cocktails and drinks to go​

  • Purchasing mineral water, tonic + coke in only glass or aluminum containers​

  • Making our own soda water in house​

  • We recycle! Unfortunately this is rare in Sayulita but we recycle every glass, plastic, or aluminum container that comes through the restaurant ​

  • Through our partnerships with local farmers we are able to source close to 50% of our produce from the Bahía de Banderas + Jalisco areas

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